cement marble

Ornamental objects for villas, parks and gardens made of reconstituted carrara marble, our company is an international leader in the production of these objects, offering a vast assortment of about 700 models.

all our products can be made in four different versions indifferently:

white: classic carrara white


antiqued: classic white with a dark surface coating that grants a more antique aspect to the object


earthenware: earthenware is the most realistic imitation of tuscan terracotta. Earthy rust colouring that is directly combined in the mixture to make the object a perfect replica of terracotta, guaranteeing stability in time. the object is then finished with an antique coating.

bronze: bronzing is an oxidation process that grants a long-lasting and durable colour to the object


animals architecture columns parapets religious statues bas relief
fountains tables cherubs seasons
nani da giardino
statues vases dwarfs wells
fountains glossy tooled drinking fountains furnishing lines porous line

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